vaccinate - to give a vaccine

vaccination - a vaccine given in order to stimulate an immune response

vaccine - an antigen containing substance that induces immunity against disease when administered

vaccine failure - when a vaccination fails to prevent the disease

valgus - joint deviations toward the midline such as knock knees

vargus - joint deviations away from the midline such as bow legs

value-added - the addition of an innovative idea or service to increase value

vancomycin - an antibiotic

variable expenses - expenses that are not the same from one month to another

variance - an unbiased statistical estimate of variability

variety - a subtype that is shown separately

variolation - antiquated term for vaccination

vasoconstriction - when blood vessels narrow

vasodilation - when blood vessels widen

vector - a disease carrying insect

vector - delivery vehicle used in gene therapy

VEE -  acronym for venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis

veins - vessels which bring blood from the body to the heart

venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis - one particular type of encephalomyelitis

venipuncture - the puncture of a vein

ventral - toward the abdomen

venture - an uncertain business adventure with no guarantees

venture capitalist - a professional who invests large amounts in high-growth companies

venule - small vein

verdict - a jury decision

verification - the process of checking for the truth

verify - to check for the truth

versatile - capable of performing various disciplines well

vesicle - a cell cavity that is surrounded by membrane

vesicles - small blisters

veteran campaigner - a well trained and seasoned show horse

veterans - synonym for the silent generation

veterinary - pertaining to the treatment and cure of animal diseases and injuries

veterinary terminology - language used by practioners in the course of business

vetted - attended to by a veterinarian

viable - a foal that is capable of living

vice - a repetitive and undesirable equine habit

victimize - to swindle or defraud

vigor - healthy vitality

vilify - to verbally degrade and defame

vindicate - to justify by clearing up accusations

vindictive - revengeful

virulence - disease producing ability

virulent - particularly pathogenic

virus - extremely small agents that infect by replicating within host cells

virus serotype - viruses that are closely related

visiting mare - mare visiting a farm for breeding purposes that is not owned by the breeding farm 

viscera - internal organs

viscosity - fluid density

visualize - use of a mental picture to remember something

vital signs - temperature, pulse and respiration

vitamins - compounds necessary in very small amounts for normal body functioning

void contract - a contract that was unenforceable from the beginning

voidable contract - a contract in which a party may choose to withdraw due to fraudulent inducement

volunteer - one who willingly invests their time for no compensation

volvulus - twisting of the bowel resulting in obstruction

vomeronasal organ - area in nasal passage used to investigate scents with the flehmen response

vomit - when a horse throws up food from the nostrils

vomitoxin - a type of mycotoxin 



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