T lymphocytes - lymphatic cells that function as a portion of the immune surveillance system

tacit contract - an unspoken but obligatory contract

tack - horse related equipment

tail ribbon - a brightly colored ribbon tied into the tail of a horse to alert riders to leave plenty of room

tail set - the position of the tail in relation to the body of a Pintabian horse

tame - domesticated

tangential - partially relevant

tax deductible - an expense that is allowed to offset gross income

tax deferred - earned income that is taxed at a later date

taxonomy - the study and classifying of organisms and diseases

TB - acronym for tuberculosis

TDN - acronym for total digestible nutrients

team - acronym for 'together everyone achieves more'

team chase
- fast and competitive cross-country course competiton

teats - nipples

technique - a systematic procedure used to complete a task

telemarketing - selling goods and services by telephone

telepathically - claimed communication via mental telepathy

telephone sale representative - individual who makes sales via telephone for another

tendon sheath - the tube surrounding a tendon

tendons - fibrous cords that attach muscle to bone

teratogenic - substance that causes birth defects

term - abbreviation for terminology

terminology - the study of technical words associated with the Pintabian horse trade

terms - installment payments

territorial - a horse that defends areas they define and perceive as their own

terrorist - an individual motivated by certain goals to promote public fear by intimidation or violence

test crossing - crossing a Pintabian horse with solid horses to determine if it is homozygous for tobiano

testes - testicles

testicles - male semen-producing organs

testicular degeneration - when testicles become smaller in size and fertility is affected

testimony - sworn verbal statements made before a court

tetanus - type of disease caused by clostridia

TFA - Texas Farriers Association for 'Farriers Apprentice'

third eyelid - nicitating membrane

thoracic - the body cavity that houses the lungs

threadworm - a parasite that can infect a foal from the milk the foal drinks

thrush - odorous infection and degeneration of the frog of the hoof

tick - one of several types of parasitic bloodsucking arachnids

TIP - PHRI abbreviation for 'Take Identification Photos'

tirekicker -  slang for a person who looks at what is available for sale but has no intention of purchasing

TJF - Texas Farriers Association initialism for 'Texas Journeyman Farrier'

to horse - command for cavalry to get on their horses

toad eyed - having very fleshy eyelids

tobiano - the genetic spotting pattern of Pintabian horses and PartPintabian pleasure variety equines

topline - imaginary line that runs from the poll of a horse along the neck and back to the tip of the tail

torsion - twisting

tort - a civil wrong arising from a contract breach

total digestible nutrients - the measure of a particular feed's value

tovero - slang term commonly used to describe a horse with both tobiano and overo characteristics

tovino - slang term used to describe a tobiano horse which also has sabino markings

toxemia - when there are toxins in the blood

toxic person - slang for individual who sabotages the efforts to succeed of another

toxigenic - capable of producing different toxins which break down and kill cells

toxin - poisonous substance

toxoid - a non-toxic antigen substance injected to stimulate immunity to toxin-producing bacteria

toxoplasmosis - contagious disease

TPR - acronym for temperature, pulse and respiration

trachea - windpipe

trace minerals - minerals necessary in very small quantities

trade secret - confidential recipes or processes afforded perpetual protection by the law

trade show - an exposition where the products of a particular industry are exhibited

trademark - word, brand name or pictorial design that indicates a brand and is afforded legal protection
- synonym for the silent generation

trailer - to move a horse from one location to another with a horse trailer or stock trailer

tranquilizer - a drug that relaxes

transaction - a business related action

transfer - an assignment of ownership from one party to another

transfer date - the date equine ownership was conveyed to another

translocation - chromosomal abnormality

traverse marks - darker primitive stripes near the withers

trend - a developing direction

trep - slang for entrepreneur

tri-color - a novice term for a spotted horse with a base color that has black points

trisomy - chromosomal abnormality

trivia - commonplace bits of information

trot - a natural two-beat gait

trooper - slang for a cavalry remount horse

true Pintabian - horse accepted for registration in the Pintabian Horse Registry Inc Colored Division

trustworthy - reliable

truth - the absence of lies

truth bias - the natural tendency to trust what people say

TSR - initialism for telephone sales representative

tuberculosis - a bacterial disease that causes weight loss and lung problems

tucked up - when the circumference of the loin area is small

turgid - congested and swollen

turnout - free time in which a horse is allowed to roam naturally

twitch - a restraint tool believed to release endorphins

type - essential breed characteristics

typey - displaying essential breed characteristics

tyranny - the unjust use of power



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