lab - abbreviation for laboratory

laceration - an irregular jagged-edged wound

lack of constitutional vigor - not thrifty

lactate - to produce milk

lame - term used to describe a horse with a painful or crippled hoof or leg

laminae - what bonds the wall of a hoof to the bone beneath

laminitis - inflammation of the laminae

LAN - acronym for local area network

lance - to drain an abscess

larvae - insect young

lasalocid - an antibiotic that causes emaciation, paralysis and/or death in horses and dogs

lavage - to rinse off

law - legislated rules

lawful - an act performed within the bounds of law

lawns - areas of very short pasture grasses that equines create and prefer to eat

laxative - product given to loosen bowels 

LD50 - acronym for a single lethal dose that would kill 50% of a poisoned test group

leading question - a question that suggests the answer

leg markings - white markings on the leg or legs of a horse

legacy - something that is passed on from an earlier era

legend - outstanding breeding animal known for accomplishments or accomplishments of its offspring

legumes - protein rich plants that create nitrogen while they grow

leptospirosis - an infectious disease

lesion - shape, size, structure or color change

lethargic - sluggish

leukocyte - white blood cell

leukoencephalomalacia - permanent brain degeneration due to particular toxins

leukosis - blood-forming organ disease

level bite - when the lower and upper teeth meet evenly

liabilities - debts owed

liar - a person who has exhibited a pattern of lying

libel - statements made in writing that injure another

liberty - freedom from tyranny

libido - the sexual drive of a stallion

lice - external bloodsucking parasites

lick - a salt or mineral block for livestock

lifestyle business - a small personally funded company that generates profits on a consistent basis

ligate - to use a suture to tie off

lignin - woody fiber without nutritional content

linebreeding - mating horses so that offspring are closely related to a particular ancestor

lingo - slang for the specialized vocabulary used by individuals involved in a particular profession

liquidity business - a fast growing business usually requiring large amounts of venture capital

list price - the amount quoted to prospective buyers

liver fluke - parasite that invades the liver

livestock - animals raised for pleasure or use

LLQ - acronym for left lower quadrant

load - to put a horse or horses in a trailer

loafing shed - a building that allows horses to go in an out at will for protection

local show - horse show held for members of a local association

locoism - a horse exhibiting loco weed poisoning

locus - the position of a particular allele on a chromosome

logo - specific artwork used to identify

loin - the area between the rib cage and the croup

long distance riding - a 25 mile long to 100 mile long distance ride competition

loo - the particular area in a pasture where horses choose to defecate

lop ears - fault in which equine ears are carried horizontally

lope - the western version of a slow canter

loperamide - active ingredient in medications used to control scours

lordosis - swayback

loss - when money earned from selling is less than the cost of the product

louse - singular form of lice

lousy - slang term used to describe an animal infected with lice

LSHMC - Equine Lameness Prevention Organization initialism for Live Sole Hoof Mapping Certification

LUQ - acronym for left upper quadrant

luxation - a dislocation

Lyme disease - a bacterial infection carried by deer ticks that is potentially debilitating and can be fatal

lymphatic system - immune circulating system

lymphosarcoma - cancer of the lymphatic tissue

lysine - amino acid essential to growth

lysis - disintegration



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