hack - horse

hack - to illegally access a computer program

hacking - to be out riding

hairies - slang for heavier breeds of horses and ponies

half-life - when something decays to half of its value

halitosis - foul smelling breath

halo - roan edging

halter break - to train a horse to lead and stand while tied with a halter and lead rope

halter broke - trained to lead and stand while tied with a halter and lead rope

hand - a standard 4" measurement performed by measuring from the ground to the top of the withers

hand breeding - breeding that is controlled by handlers

hantavirus - a virus found in rodent droppings that leads to viral disease that can lead to death

haploid - a cell that contains one copy of each chromosome

hard copy - a copy printed on paper

hard keeper - a horse who, despite good feed and care, is hard to keep in good flesh and good condition

hardship - fee applied to tobiano horses whose parents are not currently PHRI registered or recorded

harem - when one stallion is housed with a small herd of his own mares as in the wild

haute ecole - an advanced form of classical horsemanship

haw - exposed third eyelid

hay - dried forage

hay belly - distended abdomen

hay net - a net with large openings used to surround hay and hung to keep hay off the gound

hayburner - slang for horse

haylage - fermented forage

healthy horse - a horse in good health and not diseased

hearsay - second hand, out-of-court statements offered in court to support truth

heat exhaustion - excessive fluid loss and fatigue as a result of exposure to high temperatures

heat stroke - a life-threatening condition resulting from prolonged exposure to high temperatures

heaves - common name for a condition known by the acronym RAO

heaves line - a tell-tale sign of heaves that appears as an indentation in muscle along the torso

height - the number of hands measured from the ground to the top of the withers of a horse

helix - spiral in form

helminth - roundworm

helminthiasis - infestation of roundworms

hematoma - a blood-filled collection that pools and clots in tissue

hematuria - blood in the urine

hemolysis - when red blood cells rupture due to poison or infection

hemorrhage - uncontrolled bleeding

hepatic - regarding the liver

hepatitis - liver inflammation

herbivore - a plant-eating animal that does not eat insects or animals

herbivorous - plant-eating

herd - a social group of two or more horses

herd bound - a horse that balks when leaving other horses 

herd sire - a stud owned and used by a particular farm

HERDA - abbreviation for hereditary equine regional dermal asthenia

hereditary equine regional dermal asthenia - recessive genetic disorder resulting in fragile skin

heredity - traits that are passed to offspring from parents

heterozygous tobiano - having one tobiano allele and one non-tobiano allele

hh - acronym for hands high

hidalgo - a Spanish nobleman

high altitude sickness - mountain sickness

high in the rear - when the rear quarters are taller than the front quarters

high stationed - long legged and tall

hindquarter - one of the two quarters of the rump of a horse

hinny - a cross between a female donkey and a Pintabian stallion

Hippocratic Method - the modern-day philosophy of medical care

hirsutism - excessively long curly hair

histology - branch of anatomy dealing with microscopic structures and interpretation of tissue slides

histone - type of protein

history - record of notable past activities

hitch - to temporarily tie a horse

hobbles - a rope or strap restraint that restricts walking

Hobby - ancient equine breed believed to have become extinct two centuries ago

hobby - an undertaking for pleasure purposes

hobby horse - a toy horse head on a stick or a toy rocking horse

hog - to cut off the mane and forelock of a horse

hold your horses - slang phrase meaning to restrain impatience

homeostasis - when the internal environment of an equine body is able to remain stable

homologous - similar chromosome pairs

homozygous tobiano - having two alleles for tobiano

honest - sincere, truthful and trustworthy

honest horse- a horse that goes through jumps or obstacles without shying, balking or cheating

honest individual - a person that is conscientious and not given to cheating or lying

hood - a neck cover

hoodwink - to deceive

hoof - the covering that protects the equine digit

hoof beat - the sound made by equine hooves when they hit the ground

hoof print - the impression made by an equine hoof

hoofed - an ungulate animal

horizontal transmission - transmitted from horse to horse

horse - herbivorous mammal commonly used for riding, driving or packing

horse and buggy days - the era immediately preceding the era of automobiles

horse ant - a large type of ant that builds big mounds in pastures

horse block - another term for mounting block

horse bot - another term for a botfly

horse breaker - another term for one who trains horses to ride

horse dance - an American Indian dance depicting rearing horses

horse family - Equidae

horse fly - large female flies that suck the blood of livestock

horse jockey - slang term for one who purchases horses from wholesalers for the purpose of resale

horse laugh - a loud, boisterous laugh

horse power - unit of power measurement

horse sense - slang for common sense

horse trade - a negotiation made with reciprocal concessions

horse trader - slang for a shrewd bargainer

horse whip - tool used as an extension of a trainer's arm

horseback - riding on the back of a horse

horseflesh - horses as a group

horsehair - equine mane and tails hairs often used for decorative braiding or jewelry

horsehide - leather made from the hide of a horse

horsehide blanket - a warm lap cover made from the hide of a horse and used on a sleigh ride

horseman - a man skilled in breeding, raising, riding or handling horses

horseplay - rough play

horseplayer - one who regularly bets on horses at horse races

horse's mouth - slang for original source

horseshoe - a u-shaped plate nailed to the hoof of a horse for protection

horsetail - a plant with a jointed stem

horsewoman - a woman skilled in breeding, raising, riding or handling horses

horsey - slang for one devoted to or interested in horses

horsing - slang for a mare showing signs of being in heat

horsy - alternate spelling for horsey

host - the horse that provides the home or is prey to a parasite

host specific - parasites which infect a single type of host only

hot - term used to describe a horse that is easily excited

hot-blooded - horses that trace back to the Pintabian horse, Thoroughbred, Arab, Turk, or Barb blood

HSUS - initialism for Humane Society of the United States

hung jury - when members of a jury cannot agree

hunter trial - organized event to train horses and riders

hunting - early form of cross-country

husbandry - the daily care of animals

hybrid - the offspring of a Pintabian horse and that of different breed, zebra or ass

hybrid vigor - offspring who exhibit traits of being hardier and larger than their unrelated parents

hydrotherapy - to externally treat a condition with water

hygiene - practices used to avoid the spread of germs

hyper - slang for an excitable horse

hyperacusis - extremely sensitive hearing

hyperplasia - enlarged body part due to increase in number of cells

hypertension - high blood pressure

hyperthermia - abnormally high body temperature

hypertrophy - enlarged body part due to increase in size of cells

hypochlorite - chlorine-based disinfectant

hypoglycemia - low sugar level in the blood

hypokalemia - potassium deficiency

hypothalamus - the thermoregulation gland of the body

hypotension - low blood pressure

hypothermia - abnormally low body temperature

hypothesis - tentative assumption or unproven prediction

hypovolemic shock - shock associated with blood loss



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