gainful - profitable

gait - the walk, jog, trot, lope or canter of a horse

gaited - horse capable of gaits other than, or in addition to, the walk, trot and canter

gamete - a sperm or egg cell

gaskin - the second thigh muscle above the equine hock

gastric - pertaining to the stomach

gate - a barrier on hinges used to gain access

gate man - individual in charge of letting horses in/out of the arena gate for different classes at a show

gay tail - when the tail is carried higher than the topline

GBED - initialism for glycogen branching enzyme disease

geld - to castrate a stallion

gelding - a castrated male horse

gen x - slang for generation x

gen y - slang for generation y

gen z - slang for generation z

gene - a molecular building block of heredity 

gene therapy
- treatment where a corrected gene copy replaces one that is defective

generation - those born and raised at approximately the same time

generation x - pragmatic/technological generation that is resourceful and not intimidated by authority 

generation y - confident/technological generation that is altruistic, street smart and not brand loyal

generation z - upcoming generation that has never been without cell phones, the internet, iPods, etc.

generic - nondescript

genetic - hereditary

genetically modified organism - organism that has had DNA altered via genetic engineering

genetics - the study of how genes work and how characteristics pass to new generations

genitalia - reproductive anatomy

genome - the total set of chromosomal genes and sequences of RNA and DNA inherited from a parent

genotype - specific genetic makeup that, among other things, contributes to phenotype

gentamicin - an aminoglycoside antibiotic commonly prescribed to treat gram-negative bacteria

gentle - to spend time positively interacting with a horse in order to gain trust

genuine Pintabian horse - a horse registered in the Pintabian Horse Registry, Inc. Colored Division

germ - disease-causing microorganism

geophagy - the eating of dirt

gestation - the period of time between conception and foaling

get - offspring

get of sire - the offspring of a particular stallion

glanders - an infectious bacterial disease of equines that can be passed to humans

glossary - a list of words relating to the technical terms of a specialized field

glycogen branching enzyme disease - recessive genetic disorder that causes abortion/foal deaths

GMO - initialism for genetically modified organism

go light - when a horse eats ravenously and loses weight

goal - a specific objective that is established and worked toward

God's dog - term used by some American Indians to describe the horse

good nick - a mating that produces an exceptional foal each time

goods - that which is offered for sale

goodwill - an accounting term used to describe a particular type of intangible asset

goose neck - an overly thin and long neck

.gov - the end of a government entity web address

govern - to be controlled by the rules of a nation

government - the system by which a nation is controlled

grade - an unregistered horse

grandsire - the grandfather of an equine

granddam - the grandmother of an equine

grant - funds given for a particular purpose

grass - under-rated equine feed

grass sickness - neuronal degeneration disease of grazing horses in the United Kingdom

gray - equine coat color that gradually turns whiter with age due to an independent dominant allele

green tail ribbon - green ribbon tied into the tail to alert other riders that the horse is young & may kick

grey - another accepted spelling of gray

grievance - injury claim

groom - to care for or brush the coat of an animal

gross - able to be seen without a microscope

gross lesions - changes that are observable in organs or tissues

growth promotants - substances fed to livestock to improve feed efficiency and growth rate

gymkhana - games and races on horseback

grulla - masculine version of a mousy colored type of dun

grullo - feminine version a mousy colored type of dun

gut micro-flora - organisms that break down cellulose



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