B lymphocytes - lymphatic cells that secrete hormones

baby boomers - optimistic people born over 50 years ago that tend to be hardworking/service oriented

babysitter - an adult horse that is kept with young stock

bachelor band - when a group of stallions are housed together without mares as in the wild

back at the knee - conformation fault where a horse stands with front legs bent backwards at the knee

backcrossing - the genetic breeding technique originally used to develop the Pintabian horse

bacteria - single-celled organisms that break down cellulose

bacterin - vaccine produced from the products of bacteria

bacteriocide - bacteria killing substance

bacteriostat - substance that retards the growth of bacteria

bacterium - a single-celled organism

bad apple - an individual who influences others in a group with their negative attitude

balance - overall proportion and conformation

balanced - pleasing overall proportion and conformation

balk - to refuse to go forward

balloon - intestinal distention

band - a small group of horses

bank - a government chartered financial institution that loans money, takes deposits, and so on

bankrupt - declared legally insolvent

bareback - to ride without a saddle or pad

barium - a poisonous metallic element

bargain price - an unusually low price

barn - a building used to house livestock and store hay

barn sour - a horse that balks when leaving a barn or stable

barring - darker primitive stripes that run horizontally along the forearms and gaskins

bars - the open spaces with no teeth on the jaw of a horse located between the cheek teeth and incisors

barter - to trade one thing for another without exchanging dollars

base color - the color of a Pintabian horse that is other than white

bathrooms - areas in a pasture where equines prefer to pass manure and not eat the nearby forage

bay - a reddish coat color with black points

BBB - acronym for Better Business Bureau

BCS - initialism for body condition score

bedding - product put on the floor of a stall to absorb moisture and for a horse to lay down on

beneficiary - an individual who is to receive life insurance proceeds

bench trial - when trial results are determined by a judge

bend or spot - a darker spot found on the base coat

benign - non-malignant or unlikely to spread and/or recur

Betadine - a non-caustic form of iodine

Better Business Bureau - non-profit organization that encourages settlement resolution

bi-colored - PHRI term for a mane and/or tail that is white along with another color

big belly - the plump-looking belly of an overweight equine

binder - a temporary insurance policy

biological - relating to the processes of life

biology - the scientific study of the processes of life

biometric - a human characteristic measurement

biopsy - the diagnostic aid of surgically removing tissue and then examining it

biosecurity - measures taken by equine breeders to protect the health and safety of their animals

birdcatcher spots - dime-sized white spots that spontaneously appear on horses  and may disappear

bismuth subsalicylate - an anti-diarrheal

bistoury - surgical tool used to open an abscess

bit - mouthpiece portion of a bridle

black - having a base coat color of black that includes the flanks and muzzle

black bay - slang for a very dark brown coat color with black points

black nightshade - plant that is poisonous to equines

blackmail - extortion

black-legged tick - deer tick

blagdon - term used to describe vividly marked sabino horses

blaze - a long and wide white facial marking commonly seen on a Pintabian horses

blend - mixing of varieties

blemish - permanent marking caused by injury or disease that does not interfere with the performance

blind - horses lacking the sense of sight and ability to see as a result of genetics, disease or injury

blind spot - areas directly in front of and behind a horse where it cannot see due to location of their eyes

BLM - initialism for Bureau of Land Management

blog - slang term for 'web log'

blogger - an individual who participates in web logs

Blogger's Code of Conduct - proposed code initiated by Tim O'Reilly for posting & moderating web logs

blogspot - the web log of the PHRI

blonde - slang for a flaxen mane and tail

blood bay - slang for a bright red bay horse

bloodlines - the genetic family history

bloodsuckers - parasites that survive by feeding on the blood of  hosts

bloodtesting - blood test often used to help determine family history

bloody shoulder - rare red-colored marking on the shoulder of a gray horse prized by the bedouins

bloom dapples - rings of slightly lighter colored hair sometimes found on horses in very good condition

blow - a warning snort used to gain the attention of the other horses in a herd

blow flies - large metallic-colored flies that feed on decaying animals

blue - a striking light blue equine eye color

blue roan - slang for a roan with a black base coat

blue tail ribbon - a blue ribbon tied into a tail to alert other riders that the horse is an aggressive stallion

blurring - the unauthorized use of a mark

body condition score - a numeric designation used to indicate equine body fat

body fluids - fluids produced by organs

bold horse - a horse with a confident nature that will take risks

bold rider - a confident horseback rider with a fearless nature

bolt - when a horse takes off in a flight response after being startled

bolting - eating food rapidly

bomb proof - guaranteed not to shy or balk

bona fide - phrase meaning "in good faith"

bond - the uniting force between a mare and her foal, or a horse and a human

booster - vaccination that is not the first in a series

boot up - to start a computer and load a program into memory

booth - a display cubicle

boots - leather foot coverings used when horseback riding

bootstrap - to build a business with the resources you have

borderline nutritional deficiency - nutritional deficiency that results in slow growth

bosomy - used to describe an overly wide chested horse

bounce - slang term for a check that does not clear due to non-sufficient funds

box walking - a vice of some stalled horses

brand insistence - the point at which the public will not accept an alternative brand

brand - a permanent identification mark applied to the hide of a horse

brand name - term used to identify the product of a company and differentiate them from competition

brand preference - the point at which the public can will choose a brand

brand recognition - the point at which the public can identify a brand

branding - choosing a term or symbol to identify and differentiate the services or goods of a company

branding iron - the tool used to apply a permanent ID with heat

brave horse - a horse with a fearless nature

break - to train

breach - a failure to perform the terms of a contract

breech - to be born hindquarters first

breed - a group of animals that share defined characteristics making them different from other groups

breed blurring - attempts to create confusion with regard to different breeds

breed show - a show for a particular breed

breed true - when offspring resemble their parents

breeder - owner of the dam at the time of breeding

breeding - the business of raising horses or other domesticated animals

breeding - the development of new characteristics

breeds true - a Pintabian horse whose genetic makeup is homozygous for tobiano

bridle - tack worn on the head of a horse

brisket - the sternum area

broke - trained

broken - slang for pinto coloration

broker - an agent employed and paid a commission to negotiate a sale, a purchase or a contract

broodmare - a mature female whose career is that of raising foals

broomtail - slang for a feral horse

brown - a brown coat color with darker points

bruise - contusion

BS - acronym for Breeding Stock division

buckskin - diluted bay base coat that is yellowish with black points and no primitive markings

budget - an estimate of income and expenses

bug - computer program error

bug eyes - slang for equine eyes that appear to pop out of their sockets

bulk - fiber-containing portion of the equine diet

bull neck - short, thick neck

bully - one who thrives on intimidating and/or harming others

burnout - loss of motivation

business plan - written plan of info, branding, income and expense projections, strategies and goals

bute - slang abbreviation for phenylbutazone

buying motive - the desire or need that leads to a purchase

by - referring to the sire

BYOB - business initialism for 'be your own boss'



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