Registration Divisions

Colored Division
Horses registered in this division are Pintabian horses. They possess the desired tobiano markings and are over 99% Arabian in blood (but are less than 100% Arabian as purebred Arabians do not come in the tobiano pattern).  To qualify for registration in this division, at least one parent must be a tobiano. Four colored photos (one each of the front, rear, right and left sides) must be submitted to the PHRI along with a completed Application for Colored Division Application form and appropriate fee when registering Pintabian horses.

Breeding Stock Division
Horses in this division are over 99% Arabian in blood (but are less than 100% Arabian) and, unlike those registered in the Colored Division, were born solid without the desired tobiano markings. Horses registered in this division are capable of producing Pintabians when bred to horses in the Colored Division. A completed Application for Breeding Stock Registration form and appropriate fee must be submitted to thePHRI office to register Breeding Stock horses.

Arabian Outcross Division
Horses in this division are of purebred Arabian heritage and are used to infuse important outcross bloodlines into the Pintabian breed. They are generally solid (with no spots) but may possess overo markings or characteristics. Arabian horses are capable of producing Pintabians when bred to horses in the Colored Division. A completed Application for Arabian Outcross Registration form, along with a copy of the Arabian Horse Association certificate of registration and appropriate fee, must be submitted to the PHRI office to register Arabian Outcross horses.

NOTE:  The Pintabian Horse Registry, Inc. (PHRI) has the right to reclassify according to color, pattern, division, etc.  It is understood that the ruling of the PHRI is final.  Receipt by the PHRI of any application shall be construed as intent to follow PHRI rules and regulations.  Review your Certificate of Registration upon receipt; return to the PHRI for correction within 30 days in the event of errors.  Because registration certificates are legal documents, the PHRI strongly recommends that they are kept in a secure place and sent with a delivery receipt.

Why Register?

1)  To legitimately advertise it as a Pintabian horse

2)  To permanently document vital information

3)  To evidence the pedigree

4)  To increase market value

5)  To compete in approved competitions

6)  To add prestige

7)  To create a legacy

TIP-Take Identification Photos.
Take ID photos of all four sides of your newborn; then promptly register it with the PHRI to preserve its legacy and the legacy of its sire and dam.

TIP-Take Identification Photos. Take ID photos of all four sides of your newborn; then promptly register it with the PHRI to preserve its legacy and the legacy of its sire and dam.

Choosing the Right Name
Registered names can not be identical to that of any other horse registered with the Pintabian Horse Registry, Inc.

Registered names may not be more than three words.

Registered names may not be more than seventeen characters long, including spaces.

Be sure to give four name choices when filling in the Application for Registration form.

If all four names chosen have already been used, the Pintabian Horse Registry, Inc. will select a name.

Punctuation is not permitted.
Breeder Certification

The strict definition of breeder is adhered to which is 'the owner of the dam at the time of breeding'.  Mare leases are not recognized; however, a Transfer Report can be completed as of the date of a foal's birth and the foal owner would then be recorded on the certificate as the Initial Owner.

Stallion Breeding Reports

Owners of breeding stallions are required to complete a Pintabian Horse Registry, Inc. (PHRI) Stallion Breeding Report (SBR) form for each stallion in order for a Pintabian foal or PartPintabian foal to be registered.  This includes stallions registered in the Colored Division (CD), Breeding Stock Division (BSD) and Arabian Outcross Divisions (AOD), as well as recorded stallions. A separate SBR is required for each calendar year.  The forms are available upon written request.  Exact duplicate copies of the form are also accepted.

The SBR, along with the annual filing fee of $10.00, must be mailed to:  PINTABIAN HORSE REGISTRY, INC., PO Box 360, Karlstad, MN 56732-0360 by December 31 of each calendar year.  Those postmarked after the last day of the year are subject to the late penalty of $25.00 per form, IN ADDITION TO the $10.00 filing fee.  Any SBR submitted without the proper fees will not be accepted and will be returned.

It is suggested that stallion owners obtain and keep in their files a photocopy of the registration certificate of each mare bred.  They can then be referred to when preparing the SBR.

Accuracy is of the utmost importance.  This includes correct registration numbers and spelling of names.  $10.00 per amendment will be charged IN ADDITION TO the $10.00 annual filing fee for each change or addition to the SBR.  Any SBR amendments or additions submitted without the proper fees will not be accepted and will be returned.

List all breeding dates.  If pasture exposed, list first and last date for each period of exposure.

List all mares exposed, whether pronounced in foal or not.

The PHRI has the right to refuse incomplete SBR forms.

To avoid hardship registration fees, both the sire and dam must be registered or recorded in the Pintabian Horse Registry, Inc.



Transferring Ownership

All ownerships transfers are to be recorded by utilizing the Transfer Report form.

Transfers of ownership should be effected immediately to protect the integrity of the certificate and the integrity of the certificates of the offspring.  The breeder on a certificate is the owner of the dam at the time of breeding.  The initial owner of a foal is the owner of the dam at the time of foaling.

A transfer penalty will be charged if ownership is transferred after 90 days.  The over-90 day penalty is determined by the number of days from the date ownership was conveyed and the postmarked date of mailing to the PHRI.

If purchased on a contract, include both the final payment date along with the date that actual ownership was conveyed.  The transfer fee (and over 90-day penalty, if applicable) is determined by the number of days from the final payment date and postmarked date of mailing to the PHRI.
The Pintabian Horse Registry requires all signatures of joint owners.  This is determined by the use of the word "and" between owner names on the Transfer Report.
If only one signature is required at the time of transfer, use of the word "or" should be used between the owner names on the Transfer Report.

Individuals signing for an entity must have authorization to do so.

Seller(s) and buyer(s) agree to abide by and be bound to PHRI regulations and rules.




Castration Incentive

Upon receipt of the original Certificate of Registration and written notice of the date of castration, the original Certificate of Registration will be corrected and returned to the owner at no charge and without mailing fees.


Recording Death

To record the death of a Pintabian horse, contact the PHRI in writing with the date of death.  The owner may keep the original Certificate of Registration; it is not necessary to return it.


Rush Fees

The payment of a single rush fee will put a single project in front of other existing PHRI work if all required documentation, photos and fees are provided.  The PHRI cannot accept rush fees if all information is not accurate or not included.  Be sure to mark the outside of the envelope with "Please Rush".  Note that the PHRI can not guarantee that rush fee work will be completed within the desired time frame; however, the rush fee will be returned if the work is not completed within the time frame specified.

Duplicate Certificates of Registration

Certificates of Registration are legal documents that should be stored in a secure place, preferably in a fire safe or safe deposit box.  A duplicate can be applied for if the original is lost or stolen by sending a second registration application along with the required fee.  Be sure to write DUPLICATE at the top of the application.  Please note that should the original surface, the duplicate Certicate of Registration becomes null and void.

Purity Protection

Verify the accuracy of a Certificate of Registration upon receipt.  Notify the PHRI of any discrepancies within 30 days.

As the official registering authority for Pintabian horses, the PHRI may, at its discretion, make physical inspections, require current photos, and/or require parentage verification in order to ensure the integrity of registration certificates and protect the purity of Pintabian horses. Some registries have gone to mandatory bloodtyping or DNA testing to prevent these types of registration difficulties; the fees for these services, of course, are passed on to the breeder(s) or owner(s), at the time of registation.

Frequestly Asked Questions


How long do you consider a weanling with the $20.00 registration fee applicable?

The PHRI member weanling fee of $20.00 applies until December 31st of the year a foal was born.

Does the yearling registration fee apply beginning January 1 of the calendar year after foaling or at 12 months of age?

PHRI registration fees and membership fees are based on the calendar year; therefore, the yearling registration fee applies from January 1st through December 31st following the year of birth.

I'd be interested in registering my colt as a PartPintabian. Would his dam qualify as well? Her sire is a registered Pintabian horse and her dam is a half-Arabian.

Yes, if she has tobiano markings. If she does not have tobiano markings, she can be registered as a pleasure variety equine.

Can I pay for my registration fees by PayPal?

In order to keep fees down, the PHRI does not take payments by credit card, PayPal, or wire transfer at this time. Please mail your check or money order along with reports and applications to PHRI, Box 360, Karlstad, MN 56732-0360.

Is it possible to offer a reduced fee for registering those horses that are eligible but just have not been done yet?

Offering a reduced fee would not be fair to those who paid established fees, and would encourage individuals to delay registering and wait for a reduced fee. Most PHRI fees are considerably less than those of other registries and interest-free terms, if necessary, can be arranged by contacting the registry.

Who created the Pintabian horse?

Many dedicated horsemen and horsewomen developed the breed over a period of several generations.  Those original foundation breeders, as well as the many newcomers (affectionately known to foundation breeders as newbies), continue to strive to raise their own perfect Pintabian horses.

Why was the Pintabian Horse Registry, Inc. formed?

The Pintabian Horse Registry, Inc., commonly known as the PHRI, was established for the purpose of providing permanent records; and to recognize the Pintabian horse as well as the efforts of the breeders and owners of these beautiful horses.

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